Friday, May 24, 2013

The Apple

I love this poem.Every word of it. This is the work of the talented Ashlyn Allred. It makes me oh so happy.

The Apple

Look up
Higher up the tree,
A little hint of red
Perks some interest in me.

I grasp my hand on a branch
As I begin to climb,
Branch after branch
I should be done in no time.

I am almost there
Just a little bit away,
I reach my hand
Where the apple does lay.

I take a swing from my arm
Where I sadly miss,
I have to have this apple
Then my hands turn into fists.

I reach one more time
Now on my toes,
I barely touch the apple
When the wind starts to blow.

I lose my balance
And begin to slip,
I struggle and struggle
That's when I trip.

Down I fall
With something in my hand,
It's the apple!!
That's when I hit land.

There's pain in my body
But I don't mind,
I grabbed the apple
It is my favorite kind.

It looks wonderful
The best it ever could,
Then I hand it to my little brother
With the promise that I would.

With a big smile
He grabs it with great care,
He looks over my shoulder and asks
If I want to share.


  1. So sweet! Written in such a youthful tone, it's so fitting how innocently sweet it ends. Simply a joy to read!

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