Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I'm Not Buying It

To the messed up world of so-called high fashion advertising, so desperate to get people's attention. You're a ruthless bully. A shameless manipulator. A greedy, twisted, mess of deceit. I've seen your work and I have something to say...

This is not okay with me. You're selling a rug? A coat? What is that anyway? An idea? A culture? Women are meant to be  stepped on, walked over, suppressed by loafer-wearing men? Is that what you're trying to sell me?

What's the pitch here? Men that buy your brand are what? Powerful? Dominant? How about creepy? Why is this man pining a woman to the ground? Why do all the other sweaty men in this shot look amused or interested and not concerned? It should be okay with me to be forced and held against my will by an angry looking man? It's okay if his buddies use and abuse me? Do you want me to accept this or are you just giving me a head's up that this is the way your world works whether I like it or not? 

Really? Really! Do these women have gigantic heads or did the Photoshop guys just go crazy here, making these bodies WAY too thin. Are you trying to sell me clothes? I can't tell. I'm too distracted by the bizarre bodies on the page. Their heads are bigger than their hips! Really?

Sexualization of a very young girl. What is attractive or "sales worthy" about this?

Why am I seeing more and more ads sexualizing young girls? Who (other than pedophiles) could be okay with little girls being turned into sexual objects? This little one should be out in the yard with her friends singing a Justin Bieber song or talking about her favorite Disney show or coloring at the kitchen table. Why is she lying on a tiger, glammed out from head to high-heel, posed like a sexy diva three times her age? 

What the heck is this about? Why are your pages full of women posed in these unnatural, uncomfortable, unbelievable poses? Why are you trying to portray women as unfeeling, nonhuman creatures? Poor girl. Somebody help her up, dust her off and take her out for an ice cream.

And then of course you take it even a step further. Nothing says "high-fashion" like making a woman look like a corpse. Why do you do this? Why do you want us dead? Why do you glamorize violence against women? You show us bruised and bloodied and lifeless? Is that beautiful to you?

Women are not objects. Every cropped shot of cleavage and glistening skin belongs to a real woman with a name and a brain. Why cut out the woman's face? Why must your ads continue to reduce us to body parts for your gratification? 

The women is nothing more than an object, a living display rack. She is also interchangeable with any other female model.

I can't get over the picture above. Who is this poor girl? Can you imagine if that was your day at work? She's naked, on her hands and knees (can't be comfortable). She's got her hand in a shoe, another shoe on her bum. Can you imagine how long she must have waited as some team of people used her body as a display board and set up all those belts and glasses and bags (awkward). What is she thinking here, with a shoe on her head and a watch on her calf? Somebody better buy her and ice cream too.

Women are beautiful. Of course you want to put women in your ads, to show off whatever here-today-gone-tomorrow product your selling. But we are beautiful because we are intelligent, compassionate, creative, life-enriching human beings. Why not show us for who we really are? Why use us in such a superficial and derogatory way? I'm just saying, this whole dominated, dead, degrading thing you're trying to sell me - I'm not buying it.

PS: Girls if we want the world to see us as powerful, more-than-our-body-parts, intelligent beings it would help if we all acted that way. It would help if we all respected ourselves and each other. What would happen if women everywhere would learn to say no? No, you can't crop out my head and take a zoomed in shot of my cleavage. No, I will not let you make me look beaten and then call it beautiful.  No, you can not turn my child into a sex object. No, I will not pretend to be a murder victim because you say it's art. No. No. The answer is no.


  1. Thank you for such an important post! Saying no right along with you!

  2. Thank you for posting this. You are completely right, thank you!

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